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Cynthia Olsen is an experienced Redmond condo Realtor you can trust

Finding the perfect condo in Redmond can be tricky. If you’re not well-versed in what condominium living looks like, then you need to work with an experienced and trusted real estate broker. Not only must you find a condo that suits your lifestyle, it’s also vital that you understand the Resale Certificate and Home Owners Association Governing documents.

Other questions you need to consider include, will this condo be your first real estate purchase or are you downsizing from a larger home? How can you ascertain whether you’re making a wise investment? Does the condominium suit your particular lifestyle?

Finding the perfect condominium is a lot easier when you’re backed up by decades of industry experience. Cynthia Olsen is a Professional Redmond condo Realtor with an extensive background in condo management and ownership. Cynthia’s intimate knowledge of the real estate industry means you’ll have more than 24 years of specialized experience working to help you find the perfect Redmond condominium.

Why work with anything less than an expert in the complex Redmond condo real estate industry? By remaining attentively focused on the Redmond condominium market, Cynthia can help streamline your purchase and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Take the hassle out of finding the perfect condominium in Redmond by contacting our real estate office today.

Get more answers before you buy with Cynthia’s comprehensive approach to real estate

  • Cynthia Olsen is a Redmond condo Realtor with extensive local industry background.
  • Fully understand all documents before you buy, including resale certificates.
  • Work with a Redmond condo Realtor that isn’t afraid to tackle the finer details.
  • Whether downsizing, investing, or making a first-time purchase, she can help.
  • Contact us today and get professional guidance to find the perfect condo.

Your Redmond condo Realtor should do far more than help you find a place that you like. Numerous considerations must be made before making your purchase, so it’s essential that you do everything possible to understand every detail regarding the Home Owner’s Association (HOA), Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), and the condo’s Resale Certification.

It also makes sense to work with a professional Realtor who remains highly focused on the Redmond real estate market. Cynthia Olsen’s will provide you with far more answers than the typical Redmond Realtor because of her unique involvement in the local industry. As an owner, and manager there is no greater local Real Estate expert in the area.

Are you ready to find the perfect condo and live your best life? Let’s get started.

Your Redmond condo Realtor will help you find what you’re looking for

Finding your perfect condo in Redmond requires an in-depth look at your needs and lifestyle goals. To get a better idea of what you’re looking for, we will ask questions like:

  • Is this your first Redmond condo real estate purchase?
  • Are you downsizing from a larger dwelling?
  • Will the condo be an investment property?
  • Do you own any pets?
  • Are you simplifying your life?
  • Is there a particular location in Redmond you prefer?

As we answer these questions, we further narrow your search. Cynthia’s vast knowledge of the Redmond real estate industry helps you quickly streamline this process, which should also be exciting and rewarding. When you eventually select a property, she will then help you fully understand all of the documents pertinent to the property and the sale. This includes special assessments, fees, CC&Rs, financials, and reserve studies.

This comprehensive approach from a Redmond condo Realtor is unique and helps ensure that your investment is sound. By providing far more answers than a typical Realtor, you get even more value from your purchase.

More about Cynthia Olsen, your Redmond condo real estate expert

Cynthia’s extensive background in the Redmond real estate industry is unique. You can eliminate virtually all of the guesswork when buying your condo because her nearly 25 years of experience is fully at your disposal. This includes:

  • Licensed broker for more than a decade
  • 20+ year background in Commercial Property Management
  • 10+ year background in Residential Property Management
  • Consultant for HOA condo Board
  • Community partner with the Redmond Historical Society
  • Owner and Investor in four Eastside condos
  • Commercial Property Construction Superintendent

Cynthia’s experience in the Redmond condo real estate industry has helped her maintain and develop relationships with industry insiders in a number of business fields. These are valuable resources for the condo buyer because it helps you overcome challenges you likely never knew existed.

As a trusted and highly regarded Redmond condo Realtor, Cynthia is also highly focused on comprehensive customer care. She is more than happy to answer any and all of your real estate questions, which simplifies the buying process and ensures a quality investment. Trust, ethics, dedication, and dependability are the cornerstones of Cynthia’s approach to real estate and it’s how she developed her stellar reputation.

Redmond, local real estate, and you

Located only 16 miles from Seattle, Redmond’s population of nearly 65,000 is largely comprised of workers in the tech industry. For many people with jobs at Microsoft, Nintendo, or one of the other Redmond tech businesses, purchasing a condo makes perfect sense. However, there is far more to Redmond than big business.

Finding the perfect condo in Redmond is a phone call away

Redmond is also one of Washington’s cultural bright spots and popular with anyone that loves the outdoors. With 47 public parks including Marymoor Park, one of the most popular in King County, there is little wonder why Redmond is so popular with retirees and parents with young children alike.

Whether you’re looking for a condo near a school, place of employment, or public park, we will help you refine your search to meet your parameters while acknowledging your budget. If you would like more specific information, check out the City of Redmond’s website by following this link. You’ll find a wealth of useful information that may influence your preferred choice of condo location.

Understanding the details of your condo purchase

There is a considerable amount of documentation that you must review and fully understand before purchasing a condo. These include the Resale Certificate, Condominium Declaration, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, The Articles of Incorporation, Condominium By laws, The Rules and Regulation of the community, Financial Statements, and the Reserve Study. All of these documents will play an important part in your purchase or sale.

Let’s briefly review each of these items so that you can better understand their role in your Redmond condo real estate purchase.

The Resale Certificate – This document is assembled by the Condominium’s Management Company or Homeowners Association. If you’re purchasing a condo that’s part of an association, the information in this document is relevant and important. It outlines whether your property has any restrictions on how it may be sold. It also includes information regarding anticipated repairs, assessment, judgments, lawsuits, number of units and occupancy, code violations, leases, completion of construction, conversions, financing approval, non-conforming use, insurance, warranties and warranty claims, and alterations or improvements to the unit that violate the declaration. Obviously, this is a lot to unpack, so it makes sense to review this document with someone who can intelligently interpret its contents.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) – This documentation outlines both the rights, and the obligations, of the HOA and each owner. The CC&Rs automatically bind the property owner after they’ve been recorded in the county where the condo property is located.

Articles of Incorporation – These documents contain the name of the association’s initial agent, the person authorized to receive legal notices, and a statement that the association is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. Sometimes this documentation will include information regarding amendments, directors, voting, and association dissolution. Articles of Incorporation are prepared by an attorney for the developers before being reviewed by a government agency. When finished, they are filed with the Secretary of State.

Condominium Bylaws – This documentation outlines and describes association management and the mechanics of their decision making authority. Condo bylaws typically include:

  1. Total number of officers and directors
  2. Selection methods for condo officers and directors
  3. Notice, meeting, and voting procedures for owners and board decisions
  4. Association record keeping and reporting requirements

The Rules and Regulations – This is the document that empowers the HOA of the Redmond condo to enforce rules and regulations and provide user restrictions. It may also apply to topics like building alterations, signage, waste disposal, parking, people, pets, and recreational facilities.

The Reverse Study – This is the long term and capital budgeting study. It is ordered by the condo association to assess its current and long term repair items, and as a capital budget funding tool to offset and provide adequate funding for ongoing maintenance. The Reverse Study also anticipates possible common area expenditures.

Financial – This documentation outlines the financial stability of the Homeowners Association you are buying or selling. The document also includes the Annual and Current Financial Statement for the HOA and the current operating budget.

Work with a Redmond condo Realtor you can trust

If you are considering buying or selling or condo anywhere on the Eastside area of Redmond, Cynthia Olsen provides unmatched guidance and assistance you can fully trust. Contact us today and have confidence in your investment.